Plastic Demo Movies

Applications Link Length Size Description
Anomaly Detection, Workbench, Topcat Flash 5 mins 12M Run the new WFAU/U.Pitt Anomaly Detection algorithm through the AstroGrid workbench, and send the results to Topcat via Plastic for further analysis.
Topcat and TabView Flash 2 mins 40M Shows Topcat sending a VOTable to TabView (a very simple table viewer), followed by the user selecting a row subset in TabView, which is then highlighted in Topcat. This example is slightly artificial, as Topcat has all the capabilities of TabView and more, but is a good illustration of how Plastic can be used to tie two applications together.
VAST, the ACR and Aladin email for avi file 4.5 mins 130M Shows VAST querying a SIAP server for images, and then sending an image to Aladin.

The notable aspect is that the Plastic message is sent from a VAST-generated web page. The demonstration begins with Aladin registering with the Plastic Hub (VAST having already registered). A web page is opened showing the currently registered applications. VAST then asks the ACR to open a registry browser so that the user can search for SIAP services in the central AstroGrid registry. Once a server is selected, the user enters the name of an object into VAST, and a search radius. VAST obtains the RA and Dec for this object from SIMBAD (again, via the ACR), and instructs the ACR to perform a SIAP search of the chosen server. The returned VOTable of images is processed by VAST into a web page, which includes links to send the images to Aladin via Plastic. Note that VAST itself is little more than a GUI, all of the heavy-lifting and interaction with web services is done by the ACR, and the imaging by Aladin.
VOQuest and Topcat exe 3M VOQuest searches for sources within a circular region of the sky. All SkyNode + SCDM services supporting source coordinates are being queried. Results are sent to Topcat for display and, finally, the cross match is being performed on that region.

Static demos

Applications Link Description
Topcat and Aladin Here An in-depth demonstration of the sort of collaboration possible between Topcat and Aladin.

Other related demos

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