Plasticized applications

The reference implementation of the Plastic Hub is available as a module in all flavours of the AR (Astro Runtime). Provided you have Java 1.4+ installed (including Java Web Start), you can download and run the Plastic-only flavour of the AR from here. There is also a lightweight implementation of a Plastic Hub and some other useful tools from Plaskit.

Contact jdt to add your application to this list.

New plasticized applications:

PLASTIC Firefox add-on, allowing users to send files from a browser to a plasticized application. Downloadpage.
VO Paris Euro3D Client is an open-source Virtual Obsrvatory tool which allows the astronomer to deal with datasets in the Euro3D FITS format. WebStart
ASPID-SR Search Interface is a Plastic-enabled search interface to data from selected instruments of the Russian 6-m telescope (BTA, SAO RAS) built in the Laboratory of Spectroscopy and Photometry of Extragalactic Objects (LSPEO SAO RAS). Web page

And some old favourites:

Topcat WebStart
Aladin WebStart
AstroScope & Helioscope - AstroScope and Helioscope are part of the AstroGrid Workbench. The Workbench contains several astronomical tools, the Astro Client Runtime and also includes the reference implementation of the Plastic Hub. WebStart
VisIVO Download page (Windows & GNU/Linux, C++)
SPLAT, a spectral analysis tool. Webstart
Eirik data exploration tool Download page(C++)
XMDV is a visualization tool for multidimensional datasets. WebStart (Windows and _some_ Linuces only, sorry)
VAST - A SIAP access tool that uses Plastic to load images in Aladin or other Plastic-enabled FITS viewers. Note that VAST requires the full ACR or Workbench and will not run with the plastic-only AR. WebStart
TabView - A simple table viewer. TabView is demoware which shows how applications can interpret the same message in different ways. Start two instances of TabView and see what happens when you try to send tables from one to another. WebStart
VOQuest WebStart
VOSpec Applet
eSTAR Coming soon
ESDO Streaming Tool and Image Gallery WebStart(Streaming Tool)

WebStart (Gallery)
AstroWeka - a VO-enabled version of the popular Weka datamining software WebStart
GAIA Download from webpage (Tcl)
VORuby Library (Ruby)
Plastic-aware webpage (alpha) Web page(JavaScript & Java)

Some of these tools will automatically connect to ("register with") the Hub if it is running, while others need to be registered manually by the user. This is a choice of the application author, and the particular application's help documentation should be consulted. When you have a tool or two registered with the hub, try loading a VOTable, e.g. this one and selecting a few points. Depending on the application, you may need to broadcast the table to other applications, or it might happen automatically. Another thing to try is to use the ACR's AstroScope tool, search for some data, and then view the located FITS files or VOTables in an appropriate tool. There are also some diagnostic tools for debugging Plastic applications.